Is your Event Registration Instagram Worthy?

Instagram is the new Classified Ads page. Your event can go viral from a photo or video or show just how out of touch the experience is. 

Event Technology is the new normal. How in touch are you with Whats Hot and What’s Not? 

2020 will bring about new technologies and innovations that many may not be aware are already in circulation. 

Incorporating  tech it into your events can give attendees and sponsors a great impression and a great reason to continue to support your cause.   Incorporating tech says, you care abou the data, attendees time, the ROI for sponsors and the look and feel. Consider offering tech-immersive experiences like:

Electronic Check-in is  fast and efficient check in that has a sleek look and pass on your  event branding with custom Check-In screens, Digital Signatures, Badge Printing onsite and real time attendee count. 

Onsite Badge Printing is the new normal. Make sure your badge print provider is using the newest technology from Plastic Card Printing onsite to RFID Wristbands.

Lead Retrieval to keep down the cost of trading prining and keeping up with business cards.  

Cashless Payments with the tap of a wristband or badge, the attendees can purchase merchandise or redeem event-branded items of your choosing. Turning your badge or wristband into a wallet.

Facial Recognition Check In, mitigates the risk of swapped or passed-back credentials.  Minimizes the ability to replicate or produce additional tickets or confirmation emails and provides additional measure of access control to improve event security.

Any of these registration tech experiences can increase photos, mentions, attendance and overall attendee satisfaction. Take your event to the next level. Incorporate Event Technology. 

All these features and services can be provided by MCE Checkin.

“I knew I was doing something right when I seen how many people hashtagged my registation setup! Even our VP came and took a photo at reg!”  – Jaimie Scholar